Lauren Cortis


Pharmacist. PhD student. Seeker of stories and insights. Strong views, loosely held.

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Power of Perspective

Living in a world of possibility is not the same as positive thinking.

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Ten Thoughts About Healthcare From Kid's Movies

Learning is anywhere if you look for it.

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Technology in health - beauty or beast?

Technology is often blamed for our beastly behaviours. But is it really at fault? Or do we just need to learn how to use it better and harness the beauty instead?

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Facing Reality

It's been a difficult week. But in the spirit of National Reconciliation Week, we're facing reality and trying to confront our systemic prejudices and unconscious biases. Its not fun, but it's necessary.

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What's private?

In this post Lauren channel's her inner Shonda Rhimes to write a melodramatic and over the top story about privacy in professional discussions. But is it so ridiculous? Do you know who's listening into your conversations with colleagues online?

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We don't have to make this exclusive...

Traversity exists to bring individuals, businesses and organisations together to unite on our shared purpose of delivering better healthcare. Let's stop being exclusive, and start working together to build some economies of scale.

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Healthcare is not a zero sum game

The goal of healthcare is not finite and zero sum, it's infinite and longitudinal. Its about providing patients with the best healthcare experiences and outcomes that we can. This cannot be achieved within the culture of professional tribalism.

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Today's Leaders

Leadership doesn't have to be defined as an individualistic attribute connected to your role. It can be considered "the capacity of a human community to shape its future"

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Calling Out for Contributors

We believe you learn best by doing. We want to offer all members an opportunity to find their voice and sharpen their communication skills by contributing original content that they are willing to sign their name to. In this post, Lauren shares about how writing and sharing her work helped her to develop her professional confidence and learn to be more comfortable with taking risks.

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Slow Social

Traversity is an online communication and collaboration platform specifically designed for healthcare. Not quite social media, not quite organisational collaboration software…something new.

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A bit more about Traversity

Lauren explains more about how Traversity came about and what we hope it can achieve.

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