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We don't have to make this exclusive...

Lauren Cortis

Earlier this year (back in the days when you could actually go out on the weekend) our family spent an afternoon that turned into an evening at our local park for "The King's Fork", a joint offering by the council and Fork On The Road. When you've got a two year old in tow, staying out after dark is kind of a big deal.

Fork On The Road describe themselves as "South Australia's premier mobile food truck event" but if you're imagining a collection of run down food trucks in a dusty carpark, that's far from reality. Thousands of people. Live music. Beer. Multiple entertainment options for the kids, including blow up waterslides. Oh, lots of food options too, obviously. And all for the very reasonable admission price of $0.

How can they offer this? Because they've created economies of scale. The council, the vendors, the event organisers have worked together to draw a large audience and share costs relating to infrastructure, marketing etc. It's not a problem to be parked next to your biggest competitor when you've got 5,000 people to feed. And consumers benefit too, from greater choice and higher quality food. It's a win-win-win-win scenario.

So why can't we do this in healthcare?

I think we can.

It's true that we are in a context of scarcity in the healthcare industry, but it I don't believe it's because there aren't enough people with health issues. Like the food trucks, I'm not sure we could meet all the healthcare needs of the Australian population if we tried. We don't have the workforce or the budget.

The reality is that we are all tasked with trying to deliver quality healthcare within a context of finite resources. This means we need to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and start sharing more.

Traversity isn't about building an exclusive community to start a revolution. It's about bringing individuals, businesses and organisations together to unite on our shared purpose of delivering better healthcare. To share resources beyond our organisational boundaries. To create more affordable IT solutions. To build workforce capacity. Lets start working together and build some economies of scale.

If this makes sense to you, join us and help us make it happen!

If you're part of an organisation or small business, email us at, we'd love to hear from you.

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