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Development Update July 2020

Chris Dury

We're excited to announce the following features shipped to subscribers:

  • Video Conferencing - Instant video calls for 2-20 people without the need for plugins - Easy to schedule and get SMS links just prior to the scheduled time.
  • Secure Chat Guest Passes - Grant non-subscribers access to secure chat for simple, safe and effective collaboration.
  • Social Login - use your existing Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn or Twitter account to login to Traversity

We also tidied up the following:

  • Updated core framework(s) to latest version
  • Updated Synapse / Element (i.e. Riot) Secure Chat components to latest
  • Updated Video Conference front-end (Jitsi-Meet) to Development Branch
  • Updated Video Conference back-end (Jitsi Videobridge) to Videobridge2 for massive performance gains
  • Refactored front-end components reducing page load ~500KB
  • Localised Dates to en-AU and added Timezone support
  • Refactored User Profile images resizing
  • Encrypted more of the information sent to/from users

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