Secure collaboration without boundaries

Connect with other health professionals across organisational and professional silos.

Agree. Referral done. Can you get a sitting and standing BP done please?
Recommend we review Mr. Jones's medications
Work on your schedule

Asynchronous messaging means less meetings and more time in your day to get important work done.

Work your way

With a growing ecosystem of apps and services, you are in full control to work the way you want.

Enterprise grade security

Verified identities and end-to-end encryption protect valuable and private information.

A powerful new way of working

Break free from having too many meetings. Securely collaborate with other health professionals while protecting patient privacy.

Private patient discussions

Create a private room and invite the care team. Discuss confidential matters with the confidence of verified identities and secure end-to-end encryption.

Verified identities

With identity verification you can be sure that you are collaborating the right people. Be alerted if someone connects with an untrusted device.

Screenshot of secure chat showing verified identities

Exchange files and connect with audio and video

Securely exchange files with individuals or in private chat rooms. When you need to have a more in-depth conversation connect with audio and video calling.

Screenshot of chat showing encrypted file and video call

Advanced features and great usability

Built on the Matrix ecosystem of open, secure and decentralised communication connecting 18M+ users. Open standards ensure you are in control of your data.
Configurable notifications

Granular controls allow you to tailor your notifications exactly how you want. You can even notify based on keywords or phrases.

Multiple devices

Access secure chat through your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Connect the way you want.

Connect to other networks & services

Connect to other people on different Matrix services in the ecosystem and bridge into other communication services like WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

Direct messaging and group chat

Connect individually in 1:1 chats or expand to groups of hundreds or thousands.

Bridge to other networks

Through the power of the Matrix ecosystem, bridge into other communication service networks to have a single interface for all your chats.
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Note - not all Bridged services support encryption and should not be used for patient or other confidential communication.

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Traversity Secure Chat is an easy to use and secure service which can enable your organisation to take advantage of a faster and more efficient way to communicate.

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