Friction-less instant video calling

Connect with everyone without cumbersome plug-ins or sign-ups required.

Easy to use scheduler

Easily schedule a time that works for everyone. Choose a duration in 20 minute increments to align to Medicare billing rules.

SMS or E-mail reminders

Get a reminder with an instant link to join the call. No need for attendees to type in PIN codes or sign up.

Enterprise grade security

With support for end-to-end-encryption (E2EE) and secure hosting in Australia, your conferences are safe from eavesdropping by 3rd parties.

The easiest to use and most secure video call

No plugins or downloads required.
Connect instantly with other healthcare providers, the patient and their family.

Enterprise grade video call performance

Use features that you would expect to find in enterprise grade video call platforms such as Hand Raise, Blurred Backgrounds, Grids, Speaker Identification and Adaptive Bitrate to ensure seamless communication for all parties.

Easy to use Scheduler

Use a short Booking Note to remind everyone what the call is about. Easily include other Traversity Members, and also any other individual with a mobile phone or email address. Everyone will get an instant link just prior to the call via their preferred notification channel.

Instant connection with SMS or e-mail invitiations

No need to type in PIN codes or sign into video call. Just prior to the scheduled time, a unique link is sent to all participants allowing them access to the call. No downloads. No plugins required.

Exceptional performance without compromise

Built on the wildly popular open-source Jitsi Videobridge and Jitsi Meet platforms, our secure video calling delivers best-in-class performance without compromising security or risking eavesdropping through other countries.
Multi-device support without an app

Devices with Chrome or Firefox browsers can join without any plugins or apps to download. Or download the official Jitsi app for even better performance.

For teams of any size

Connect 1:1 or a large team with adaptive bitrate and intelligent video stream switching.

All the features you need

From simple conferences, to team meetings and online workshops we have all the features you need such as: Focus-on-speaker, text chat, hand-raise, screen sharing, push-to-talk, audio-only and YouTube integration.

Consistent with industry guidelines

Get better alignment with industry guidelines than consumer-level or closed-source services.

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Traversity Instant Video Calling is an easy to use and secure service which can enable your organisation to take advantage of a faster and more efficient way to communicate.

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