Crossing boundaries
to build connection
in healthcare

What sort of things come to mind when you think of healthcare? 

Straightforward .Easy to navigate. Seamless 

...yeah, I didn't think so. 

Most people who have interacted with our healthcare system as a patient or care provider know all too well that it is disjointed and siloed. 

We need to do better. 

We can do better.  

We might not be able to overhaul the infrastructure or start a new funding model, but we can take action on the things within our control. Our selves. 

Break down the barriers that exist between care providers, settings, and consumers of care services. Build greater connection and understanding of the experiences of others. Ditch the competitive mindset and tribalism and accept that we're all in this together.

Join us

A Learning Community for Boundary Crossers

Our dream is to build a learning community of for people who care about building more connection in healthcare. The boundary crossers. People who care about doing better.

We don't care where you're from. We don't care about your job title. We are anti-disciplinary and proud of it.

This is about uniting on purpose, not professional identity.

Change starts with us

The best thing about the age of the internet is that we don't need permission to make this change a reality.  

Traversity is about providing the venue for this to happen. A place to talk about the stuff that matters. Share our learnings and our struggles. Connect with others who care as much as you do.

Our discussion forum is independently owned and operated by us, Traversity Pty ltd (also known as Lauren Cortis and Chris Dury)

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Who This is For

We are for the people who care about building more connection in healthcare
The boundary crossers.

I am interested in other people

When you see what another person's work really involves, does it leave you feeling like you have a better understanding of that person and the value they offer?

Do you listen when other people are talking?

If yes, then come join us and make things more interesting.

Professional tribalism drives me up the wall

We don't doubt that professional identity is important, but are you the sort of person who thinks there's enough work for all of us?

Do you dream about a healthcare world where collaboration is easier?

If yes, then join us in trying to figure out how to make this a reality.

I enjoy learning

Education is one thing but learning is another.

Are you a curious person?

Would you like to be?

If yes, then come and join us and we can learn how to embrace curiosity together.

Traversity is guided by its core principles

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