Cross boundaries, do better.

You care about delivering better healthcare. You work hard to make a contribution that matters. But sometimes it feels like the healthcare system is working against us.

The system might be siloed, but patient care needs are not. Things that should be simple are hard. Just trying to find the right person to talk to can take hours of phone calls, switchboards and being on hold. Time not spent providing care for others who need it.

We find ourselves faced with a difficult choice - provide a lesser standard of care or absorb the cost. For some of us this involves a financial cost of time spent on non-billable work. Longer hours. Time away from home. Too often this results in burn out or disengaging.

Something needs to change.

Join us
Our Mission

We can make it better,
starting with us.

As individuals, we might not be able to redesign the healthcare system but we can change it for the better. Build connection between silos to broaden each others networks.  Share our knowledge and resources.

Work together to make it easier to get the job done.

Change starts now

The best thing about the age of the internet is that we don't need permission to make this change a reality.  

The tools we need to connect across organisational boundaries are available. That's what you'll find here. Secure online environments to connect with others who care about delivering better care outcomes.

  • A community discussion forum to share, support and learn.
  • Utility communication tools like secure chat and video conferencing to enable confidential collaboration spaces.
  • Hosted in Australia to Australian standards. No advertising. No selling of data to third parties. No hidden algorithms.

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Who This is For

While clinicians are a major focus for us, we realise that delivering better healthcare outcomes relies on more than just qualified healthcare providers.

There are three key organisational barriers (at least) that we believe could benefit from more connection between them sooner rather than later

Primary and acute care

If you are a clinician, then no explanation is needed for this. The need for more connection between disciplines, settings and sectors is clear in almost every patient interaction.

Research, policy and practice

Many resources are developed that never travel outside the network that created them. Lets get these resources into the hands of those who need them.

Health and the patients' world

Patients' worlds exist of more than just the healthcare system. Connection with consumer groups and social care providers is essential to delivering services of value.

Traversity is guided by its core principles

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